Eco-Friendly . Breathable . Antiseptic . Ages well


Vegetable tanning corresponds to an ancient technique, consisting in the stabilization of the leather fibers, by using vegetable natural extracts, creating products of great beauty, with a unique organic vintage appeal. Due to its unique properties, vegetable tanned leather has conquered throughout many generations, a wide range of applications, such as the manufacture of the finest saddles and bridles, leather goods and accessories, footwear, furniture and architectural products, amongst others. The unique characteristics of vegetable tanned leather, offer designers a noble material capable of adding value to a project in fashion, joining comfort and look, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility. To consumers, it offers a product overcoming fashion, trends and time itself!


This traditional process is based on the use of natural extracts, obtained from different vegetable sources, rich on natural tannins, which are incorporated by the leather. It is a process that doesn’t require the use of heavy metals. This aspect is very important since it sustains the Eco-Friendly slogan.

The use of vegetable tanning, with the total absence of heavy metals, results on important environmental advantages:
• A significantly smaller impact on liquid effluents.
• The possibility of reusing the resultant solid wastes, in the production of cosmetics and fertilizers.
• The use of simple finishing processes with aqueous emulsions, instead of finishing processes with solvents.


Leather produced with vegetable tanning, has a great ability of absorption and desorption of perspiration. This property provides an advantage for its application in footwear, since it generates an easy release of the sweat, keeping the foot dry and comfortable. Vegetable tanned leather is Breathable!


The vegetable extracts have a high anti-oxidant power and consequent anti-bacterial action. Thus, the surface of products with strong incorporation of these extracts is unfavorable to the development of bacteria. Vegetable tanned leather is Antiseptic!


Vegetable tanned leather possesses a distinguishable vintage look, which is maintained over the years. It ages with increasing beauty, in a warm palette of color shades, absorbing the traces of our living, and showing evidence of the natural product before you. Vegetable tanned leather Ages Well!